Meet your healthcare goals with the help of our physicians, resident physicians, and nurse practitioners

Family Health Services is home to experienced physicians with unsurpassed knowledge in adult medicine in Sandusky. Our first concern is to keep you healthy. Count on our team of internal medicine doctors to provide you with high quality, affordable healthcare, no matter your circumstances.

Preventative Care

We understand that your health is essential to keeping you active in your family, your career, and in the community. We are also aware that your health needs change as the years go by. We have employed doctors and nurse practitioners specifically trained in the ongoing non-surgical care of adults. We help you not only with care maintenance, but also with managing routine medical problems and the diagnosis and treatment of advanced diseases. Count on us to provide sound medical advice and cater to any of your medical needs.

Visit us at the first sign of a common cold and flu or for diagnosis or treatment of more complex diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. We can provide you with primary hospital care or preoperative hospital care if you so prefer, and we will refer you to specialty or surgical care if necessary.

Affordable, Quality Care

Our internal medicine doctors have received additional training in adult medicine in Sandusky. As your primary care provider, we use our vast knowledge for the prevention and treatment of your health concern.

As a healthcare provider that genuinely cares, we want you to receive treatment first and worry about the expenses last. We accept Medicaid and Medicare, and we honor most insurance providers. We also use a sliding scale for patients who live on limited resources.

To set an appointment with your primary care provider, call 419-502-2800. We also welcome new patients! Fill out our new patient form today.